Our Team

Bill & Kim McAuliffe

Bill & Kim McAuliffe

Bill has always wanted to have a family business after retiring from the corporate world. Kim was excited to be part of a wider community since our immediate families are back in Michigan where we were raised. Three Mermaids has been a great success for both. Our goal has been to support the southwest Portland area with a friendly craft beer/cider/wine and food establishment as an alternative to the hassle of going to downtown Portland. Please join us!

Will McAuliffe

General Manager:
William McAuliffe

William grew up in the Portland Metro area with his parents and three sisters. He fell in love with craft beer when he attended the University of Oregon. Ninkasi brewing and Oakshire brewing still keep a special place in his heart.

After graduating with a degree in Business and Finance, William started working in the restaurant industry. An ice cream parlor, a pizza place and finally a pub with a great craft beer selection. All the while William was trying thousands of different beers while avidly homebrewing. He learned the restaurant industry and beer from the inside out!